Our current fence rotted out and desperately needed to be replaced! We tried everything we could to extend it's life but it was done... gone... dead.

We loved the look of this fence but it was time to replace it.


Our dog caught on to the fact that the boards were no longer nailed together and started walking through the loose boards. It was time for a new one!

Notice there is no cross board on the bottom so the pickets are just dangling.

What Style of Fence

Let me just start with... hog wire panel fences are amazing!

I knew that was what I wanted to replace the fence with so I researched several styles and ways to build it and presented the options to Frazier.

After we agreed on a style I sketched out a plan and came up with a list of materials.

Cattle panel fence

This was one of the inspiration photos. (photo credit: mildfence.com)

Out with the Old

There is something about using a jackhammer that is very fulfilling! Since most posts were rotted, we quickly removed all the fence sections and were left with holes filled with concrete.

Over the next day, one piece at a time, I was able to remove all the old concrete using the jackhammer.

Although I was extremely sore, I felt very empowered and accomplished!!

Ready to Go

That evening we were able to set the posts.

The following day we framed up the fence.

We were limited on the time we could work on the fence since Frazier needed to go to work during the day, leaving only a few hours to work when he arrived home.

(No we don't have a pet turkey! There is a large flock that roam our neighborhood.)

Now for the hard part!

I am detailed oriented whereas Frazier is not. This can sometimes cause a hiccup for us as he does not understand why I want something a certain way. Our hiccup came when I mentioned I wanted all the squares in the hog panels to line up.

"What?! Do you know what you are asking?" he replied

"Just trust me!" I replied. "It will look amazing and will be worth the extra time spent."

Unfortunately Frazier has a bad back and knees that don't cooperate, so the next step of cutting all the hog panels was going to be unbearably painful for him. Thankfully we are blessed with amazingly helpful children and our daughter offered to help me out.

Added bonus... she also likes to spend the extra time needed to make something look better. This made for great teamwork as we spent the next day measuring, marking, and cutting each wire on the hog panels.

When Frazier came home we were ready for him to cut the wood to size and we started to install each section.

As we were finishing up the last panel Frazier hung our metal gate which was handmade by my brother and dad.

custom iron gate

We were able to finish the fence just in time to take the weekend off and head out of town to the coast for a much needed break! We love how it turned out.

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