Mom Was Right

Champlain Coffee Table fusion mineral paint

Such a darling coffee table which needed to be remade with some Fusion Mineral Paint.

coffee table before

This table had seen better days. The finish was peeling and the cane was starting to lift. In fact, the previous owner had given up on it.

After reattaching the cane, I prepped the table for paint.

Using Fusion TSP Alternative always makes it easier as the cleaner does not have to be removed.

I applied one coat of Champlain by Fusion. When painting over dark colors with light paint, it always takes several coats to get full coverage, so I decided my next coat would be Transition.

Transition has good hiding coverage and is half the cost of a pint of paint, saving money. It can't be used as a first coat as it does not have the same adhesion as the regular paint does.

Another coat of Champlain and the painting was done.

coffee table

After it had dried for about an hour, I used a 220 sanding pad and gently sanded the entire piece. I hit the edges so it had a nice worn look.

painted coffee table

I like how this table turned out. I think it will look so darling in someone's living room.

painted cane

Before I go, I have to share with you how I got this table.

My parents were driving down the road when my mom spotted this table on the side of the road.

"Turn around," announced my mom.

"What?" questioned my dad

"Did you see that coffee table?"

"What about the table? Why do I need to turn around?"

"I want to get the table for Wendy."

"You don't even know if she wants the table.

"Well, I won't know if I don't try. If she doesn't want the table then I will donate it."

So, as any great husband (and father) would do, he turned around, pulled over and the table was loaded into the car.

Mom was right😉, I did want the table!

painted coffee table

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