Saying Goodbye is Always Hard

June was a difficult month. It started off great… we celebrate my husband’s birthday and had a great show at Gypsy-Chic. Then, the day after we ended Gypsy we were notified that my father-in-law was in an auto accident and was air lifted to a hospital in Reno, Nevada.

We packed up clothes and spent the next 5 days in Reno. We traveled 5 hours south to get his car out of impound, stayed in 4 different hotels and spent many hours sitting in a hospital room.

We were very thankful he was physically doing very well however, came to realize, he had dementia and would need 24/7 care.

We talked and prayed and made the decision to move my father-in-law in with us. Since we are currently in a 5th wheel, he is temporarily staying with our daughter and son-in-law who live less than a mile down the road from us. We have been blessed with a house to rent and will be moving in as soon as the renovations are complete.

Caretaking for a loved one is a blessing.

Caretaking for a loved one is time-consuming.

Gypsy-Chic is a blessing.

Gypsy-Chic is time-consuming.

Gypsy-Chic is full of many wonderful women and great customers.

I have come to realize that I will not be able maintain my involvement at Gypsy while caretaking for my father-in-law.

Saying goodbye is never easy.😭


So let's not!🙂

Although you will no longer find my treasures in my inside booth, I will continue to stock my outside booth with many wonderful treasures.

I will not be working regular hours on the floor when Gypsy is open but I will continue to work behind the scenes, helping to assist Nancy, the owner of the shop. You may occasionally see me at the shop if I have coverage at home.🙂

You will also find me at Antique Trove and online.

Thank you for your continued support. Please keep us in your prayers as we make this transition in our lives.

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