Preparing your surface is probably THE most important part of refinishing a piece of furniture!

PREP IS SIMPLE! Follow these steps to find out how to prep for your surface:

1. If there is any grease or oil, use a degreaser to clean like TSP or TSP Alternative. Clean everything that will be painted.

Check for wax by using your thumb nail to scratch the surface – if it rumples and lifts, you have wax. Remove the wax with mineral spirits or Fusion Solvent.

2. If the surface is super shiny, give it a quick sand removing the super slick smooth surface, giving your paint something to stick to.

If you are painting melamine, glass or a shiny surface you may want to use a product such as Fusion Ultragrip to help the paint stick to impossible surfaces.

If you think the item will bleed stain or wood tannins ( typical with Cherry or Mahogany Wood) through your new paint apply a Shellac Based Primer to stop Bleed Through. 

3. Have fun painting your piece beautiful!

Learn more about prepping your piece by watching a video from Fusion Mineral Paint.