Mom’s Table

chair fusion mineral paint table

This round dining table had sentimental meaning, as it once belonged to my client's mom, and it fit well in the new home the owners moved into. A new style was requested so it matched their new décor and therefore they could keep the table set.


The four chairs were also going to receive a matching update!


Making the Transformation

The table and chairs were given a good deep cleaning. Once it was dry, I gave it a scuff sand to remove any loose top coat. This sanding process also gives the surface some "tooth" which helps the paint adhere. When painting furniture, preparation is very important. Skipping this step or cutting corners can result in peeling paint or uneven paint color.

The table was then painted with Fusion Mineral Paint, Champlain, and sealed with Varathane Polyurethane in a satin sheen.

Fusion Mineral Paint has a built in top coat and therefore sealing is not required. However, for high usage furniture, I always add extra protection buy sealing the paint. 

The Transformation is Complete

Look at those legs!!

The table base looks so beautiful! The carvings still stand out however they are not overpowering.

I am often too excited to get the finished piece moved back to it's home, forgetting to take a picture before it's loaded up. This was the case for the dining table! The picture shows it placed back in it's home ready to entertain the family for many more years to come. Mom would be pleased!

If you have a piece of furniture that structurally is in good condition, however doesn't match your color décor, I would be happy to discuss refinishing options with you. Contact information may be found at our contact page.

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