Built-In Two-Sided Cabinet

Sometimes it’s just not possible to relocate a piece to my shop! This built-in two-sided cabinet is as unique as the home in which it lives. The honey oak color was screaming for an update as it just didn’t blend well with the other areas of the home.

The other side was an exact replica of this side.

The inside was also built of oak and therefore was painted. Since the inside of the doors could be seen from the other side, the glass was removed so the inside frames could be painted.

It’s hard to see from the pictures but there was a gap between the cabinet frame and the wall. To alleviate this problem, I added trim along the edges of the frame. It finished it off perfectly and the gap was gone!

The existing hinges were cleaned and reinstalled and the customer will be adding knobs to the doors at a later date.

The transformation is amazing! I love how the light accents beautifully all the items resting on the glass shelves.

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