Redone Nightstands

Matching nightstands are hard to find, so I was extremely excited when I found these two nightstands! (There are two, I just took a picture of one of them.)

Someone had painted them, but didn't prep correctly so the paint was scratching off. Additionally, they missed several areas and, personally, I didn't care for the color combination.

I spend a few minutes looking them over to make sure they had good bones. I could look past a bad paint job and see the potential they had.

I snatched them up and was excited to get started on them!

Getting Started

What color to paint them? That can sometimes be something that is hard to figure out. For these, since I was going to be selling them, I wanted them to be neutral.

What is more neutral than off white?

Fusion Mineral Paint, Champlain, for the win!

Because they were chunky nightstands, I thought staining the tops would compliment them well.

I sanded off the existing paint from the top and applied Fusion Mineral Paint Stain and Finishing Oil in Cappuccino

This product is amazing! It's extremely durable once it's cured (approx. 10 days). It's so durable, the product can be used on floors!

Although I like to use existing hardware whenever possible, these had to go! Once I stained the top, I realized I needed handles that would compliment the dark color on the top.

Hoarding Pays Off

Since I wasn't planning to change out the hardware, I hadn't picked up any pulls for the drawers. I turned to my stash of pulls! After digging for a few minutes I was able to find 4 pulls which had the same hole width as the existing pulls. That was a miracle and definitely meant to be!!

The Finished Product

Fusion Mineral Paint does not need a top coat as it has a built in top coat. I personally love the feel of wax so I went ahead and applied a coat of clear wax. After applying the wax, I buffed it out and they were ready to find their new home!

The stained tops pair well with the style of the nightstands!

I love how they turned out! What do you think? Are you a fan of stained tops with Champlain paint? And how about those pulls?! Aren't they a good match with the stain?

If you are needing to give your furniture a facelift and want to try your hand at painting them yourself, I suggest using Fusion Mineral Paint. You can find the full line of colors here.

If you don't want to paint your furniture yourself, I would be happy to paint them for you. You can find more information on our custom painting services here.

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