My Kind of Girl

Recently I was shopping for a few birthday gifts for children so I was wandering the toy aisles. As I was trying to find the "must have" gifts that were sure to excite the kiddos, something caught my eye and made me immediately stop.

The top shelf was lined with Barbie's which normally wouldn't excite me. However, standing amongst them was a Barbie after my own heart... Builder Barbie!

Could there be a more awesome Barbie? I think not!

Tool belt... check, I have one.

Safety vest... yes, I wear one when I am working parking during our markets.

Hard hat... yes, at one time I did have a pink hard hat.

What is she missing?

  • Safety glasses... a must have when working with power tools.
  • Earplugs... another must have when working with loud equipment.
  • Clothes that have paint on them... because all of my work clothes have evidence of past paint projects.

I was just so excited to see a Barbie I could relate to. She is my kind of girl!

If there was a Barbie (or Ken) that reflected you, what would she(he) be?

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  • Sabrina on

    Farmer Barbie
    She would be wearing worn jeans, muddy boots, a r shirt and a trucker hat. She might be carrying hay or a bucket of feed.

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