One Series Decoration Spalter Angled

One Series Decoration Spalter Angled

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This unique, ultra-soft, synthetic fiber found in this brush provides the most flawless smooth application. The One collection contains a special selection of finishing and artist brushes that aren’t available in any other Staalmeester® series. The One series can be used with all types of paint, and when you properly maintain the One brushes, they retain their shape, flexibility, and softness, even after years of intensive use. These are the best to achieve a brush stroke free finish.

Made with ultra-soft synthetic fiber, this One series brush provides the most flawless finish. The petite handle size is perfect for small spaces and small hands. With proper care, this brush with retain its shape, flexibility and softness for many years.

Brush size: 25mm (1")

Brush Care:

Wash with Fusion Brush Cleaner to maintain this brush for life.

Do not let paint dry on the bristles. Submerge in water just below the ferrule and let it soak if you do not have time to clean your brush. Come back later to wash it out with brush cleaner.


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