Staalmeester Painters Essential Brush Kit

Painters Essential Kit

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Set yourself up for success with this Painters Essential Paint Brush Kit. This has a selection of brushes every furniture painter needs. 

This kits makes the perfect gift for furniture painters and DIY'ers, beginner or pro, they will be happy to receive this box set of high quality brushes.

Staalmeester brushes are perfectly designed to work with Fusion™ Mineral Paint giving you a smooth flawless finish every time.

Five stunning Staalmeester brushes all in one pack. 

In this Essential Brush Kit, you will receive:

1  - Pro-Hybrid Round Brush 

1  -  Pro-Hybrid Pointed Sash Brush 

1  -  Original Oval Brush 

1  -  Fusion Branded Pro-Hybrid Flat Brush

1  -  Fusion Branded Wax & Stencil brush 

 Don't forget the Brush Soap!

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