Tung Oil
Tung Oil
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Tung Oil

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Tung Oil is a natural oil, used as a top coat over Milk Paint, or on its own over bare wood. It is pure Tung Oil, not diluted with any solvents. This food safe oil brings out the true richness of wood, with excellent water resistance. 

  • Works great both indoors and outdoors
  • Contains no VOC's
  • Naturally resists mildew
  • Best if diluted with Odourless Solvent 
  • Shake before applying
  • Apply and be sure to remove all the excess within 5-10 minutes 

If using to seal Milk Paint it is suggested the first coat be thinned at a ratio of 70/30 Tung Oil to Odourless Solvent. The next coat should be thinned to 85/15 and the last coat 95/5.

Available in 250 and 500 ml.


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